Hello! Now, their aren't many fanfictions in the world of Master's Sun but I have found a few that I'm going to list here. Did you enjoy the fanfictions listed? Or did you know of an amazing Master's Sun fanfiction? Or have you wrote any fanfiction. If so, then comment down below - :)

Master's Sun Fanfiction

Big Sun (Drabble)

This is a lovely heart warming drabble of the ship: Tae Gong Shil/Joo Joong Won.

White Lie

This is a 700-word story written from the point of view of Jin Woo.

  • Summary: He thought it would be easy for him to swoop in and take her away. To free her from a relationship he deemed to be superficial.
  • Words: 700
  • Chapters:' 1/1
  • Link:

Can't live without you

Written from the author of White Lie, is a lovely Joo Joong Won/Tae Gong Shil story.

  • Summary: As Joong Won stayed overnight in her house, Gong Shil learnt something about him that she didn't try to find out before.
  • Words: 925
  • Chapters: 1/1
  • Link:

Cross-Over Fanfiction

Master's Sun (Harry Potter Fanfic)

What is a Harry Potter fanfiction doing here you say? Well, this is a stunning fanfiction written on AO2 in a Alternative Universe where the characters in Harry Potter are put into a Master's Sun universe. Wouldn't you like to read about one and only Harry Potter who can see ghosts - and one day meets CEO Tom Riddle?

  • Summary: Harry was once bright and sunny. But after a mysterious accident, he suddenly gains the ability to see ghosts. He becomes an outcast, unable to hold down a job and suffering from insomnia. Then he discovers that the ghosts are banished whenever he touches the Master CEO, the most selfish man he's ever known, whom he met on a rainy day. HP/TMR
  • Words: 19240
  • Chapters: 3/?
  • Link:

A Spark in the Dark

A mysterious but lovely Master's Sun/Heirs crossover.

  • Summary: [AU: Master's Sun x Heirs crossover] Tae Gong Shil and CEO Joo Joong Won team up to uncover the mysterious CEO Choi Young Do's secrets. They find more than they bargained for: a ghost, a cafe, and a broken relationship. Will they be able to repair ruined hearts, send a ghost to the light, and save Joong Won's precious investments?
  • Words: 6133
  • Chapters: 1/1
  • Link: