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    Hello! Now, their aren't many fanfictions in the world of Master's Sun but I have found a few that I'm going to list here. Did you enjoy the fanfictions listed? Or did you know of an amazing Master's Sun fanfiction? Or have you wrote any fanfiction. If so, then comment down below - :)

    This is a lovely heart warming drabble of the ship: Tae Gong Shil/Joo Joong Won.

    • Summary: Now she shines even brighter.
    • Words: 229
    • Chapters: 1/1
    • Link:

    This is a 700-word story written from the point of view of Jin Woo.

    • Summary: He thought it would be easy for him to swoop in and take her away. To free her from a relationship he deemed to be superficial.
    • Words: 700
    • Chapters:' 1/1
    • Link:

    Written fro…

    Read more >

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