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Tae Gong-shil

Tae Gong-shil

Tae Gong-shil
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Tae Gong-shil is the main protagonist of Master's Sun. Gong-shil was once bright and sunny. But after a mysterious accident, she suddenly gains the ability to see ghosts. They continually haunt her, some wanting her to fulfill their last wishes, others merely scaring her. Gong-shil becomes an outcast, unable to hold down a job and suffering from insomnia. Now gloomy and easily moved to tears, she works as a cleaning lady at Kingdom shopping mall. Then she discovers that the ghosts are banished whenever she touches the company president, Joong-won, the most selfish man she's ever known. She begins working for him as his secretary (in name only), and because of Joong-won, she slowly opens herself up to the world.